New smoothie, wok

Dining services is providing students with new smoothies and a new wok for a new year.

The Creamery in the Union and Destinations at Harshman are now featuring green tea-based smoothies.

Freshman Conor Kendrick, who works at the Creamery, said the smoothies are healthier because they are made with green tea, which contains antioxidants, and are all made with real fruit and no preservatives.

“They are healthier for you,” Kendrick said. “And some people don’t even know that we’ve switched. They come to get the old ones but then they find out about these and leave very happy with the new taste.”

According to freshman Steve Grunwell, a protein booster can be added at no cost.

“As if the smoothie wasn’t healthy enough already,” Grunwell said. “And it doesn’t even take anything away from the flavor.”

Some of the new Jet Smoothie flavors include Strawberry Banana, Wild Berry Blast, Mango Mania, Strawberry Bomb, Caribbean Colada and Pomegranate.

Along with new smoothies, the University has expanded its Asian cuisine.

BGSU Dining Services has provided Asian cuisine for years, but the Sundial is getting an upgrade.

Last year, students in Founders and Kreischer sampled Jump Asian Express and the response was so good that it has now found a home at the Kreischer Sundial.

Daria Blachowski-Dreyer, general manager of dining services, said Jump Asian Express will feature vegan sauces, udon noodles, lo mein noodles, a southwestern egg roll and other items which the University’s wok couldn’t.

Jump Asian Express may appear in other dining halls if all goes well, Blachowski-Dreyer said.

“We would move it to Founders too if it gets enough attention,” she said. “But right now we just want to make sure there’s an audience for it.”