Does your prof make the grade?

If you didn’t use when scheduling your classes for next semester, it would be a good idea to go back and double-check your choices.

Having a good professor can make or break a class, and figuring out which professor to take isn’t always easy.

That’s where comes in. You’re able to rate professors on their overall teaching or on whether or not they are “hot.” You’ll also be able to read comments from other students who have taken classes from the professor.

Valuable knowledge.

So if you haven’t used it yet, it would be a good idea to go over your schedule for next semester.

It might help you avoid really tough or really terrible professors, which will improve your semester in a real and tangible way. If you want those really tough and terrible professors, then it will help you find them.

We use and appreciate it, and we think it is a useful tool. The university doesn’t provide ratings for their professors, so we’re glad to find them on the Internet.

But it’s also a useful tool for professors as well. Away from student evaluations or the classroom, students may say what they really mean.

The anonymity of the Internet brings forth a lot of things, sometimes possibly honest things. Professors can read the comments left on them by their students and use them to evaluate their performance.

The administration can use the site the same way professors can, evaluating their performance.

Or, for instance, they could use the site like Buchtelite reporter Johanna Hariharan did, discovering the ten best-rated professors at the university.

Easy way to figure out who gets a pay raise, if you ask us.

So next time you sit down to schedule and are exposed to five different sections of the same class meeting at the same time, don’t just randomly choose which professor’s class you enroll in.

Take the time and do some research. It could be really helpful.

If not, at least you’ll know which professors other students think are “hot.”

The Buchtelite is the student newspaper at the University of Akron.