Resident Hall Honorary honors students

This semester the National Residence Hall Honorary is making their presence felt on campus by recognizing students and faculty who go out of their way to improve residence hall life.

One of the NRHH’s major responsibilities is naming Of the Months (OTM’s). Every month they choose a resident and resident adviser of the month who work to generate and buildup a feeling of community in residence halls. OTM’s are also chosen for staff member and residence hall program.

“Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day to day lives, we don’t stop to take the time to say, hey you did a good job.” Harry Harris, staff adviser for the University chapter of the NRHH said, “This is what OTM’s are for. Getting the word out that BG is a good place to live,” he said.

On campus students can nominate any person or program that they think helps to improve residence hall life. Nomination forms are available at front desks of residence halls. Nominations are due at the Office of Residence Life by the 15th of the month, and OTM’s are announced on the 25th of the month.

According to Public Relations Manager Steve Stephenson, “A main goal of NRHH is to not only recognize individuals who are working to improve life in residence halls, but also to encourage others to do so.”

Stephenson said recognition with an OTM is important to honor those who set a good example in residence halls.

In October, Karen Duvall was picked as resident of the month and Matt McGown as R.A. of the month. Both students exhibited leadership, enthusiasm and support for the residence hall community.

Compton/ Darrow Hall Director Michael Liberatore is October’s staff member of the month for his support of residence life. Dunbar Rocks Week, a series of musically themed events for residents, is October’s program of the month.

Twenty new members have recently been chosen to join NRHH. Their induction ceremony is at the Harshman Community Room at 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19. All students and faculty are welcome to attend the ceremony set up to honor students who continually seek to improve residence life.

According to Brian Seymour, president of NRHH, members of the organization help contribute to their ultimate goal of “making the residence halls more than just a dorm.”

The NRHH’s constitution states that its purpose is to “recognize the outstanding individuals on the campus,” as well as actively taking part in programs in conjunction with the Residence Student Association. Students interested in becoming involved in the organization can apply again in January, at the Office of Residence Life in Saddlemire.