Through the Looking Glass

WANNA PLAY NOW, BONGO BOY? A passenger on a flight from Minneapolis to Alaska made a royal nuisance of himself for hours, shouting, screaming, running up and down the aisles, meowing like a cat, playing the bongos, pounding on the bathroom doors and shaking his rear end in women’s faces. Finally, the stewardesses rearranged the seating, removing all women from the vicinity of the alleged perpetrator, 26-year-old Orielly Victor, and surrounding him with a group of burly men who were headed to Kodiak on a hunting trip. One lady said order was decisively restored when ”all these big guys sat down. It was wonderful.”

IT WAS AWFUL, OFFICER, JUST AWFUL: A man lost a whole lot of money gambling at a casino in Turtle Lake, Wis., a fact that he did not relish explaining to those closest to him. So, police say, he decided to claim he was robbed. To make it look good, he went out to the parking lot and beat himself up. He banged into a light pole and smudged dirt on his face, then checked himself out in his car mirror to make sure he looked right. Alas, his entire performance was caught by surveillance cameras. He was arrested.

DELIGHTFUL TO SEE YOU AGAIN, AHMED: When a man trying to steal power cables in eastern Kazakhstan was electrocuted, his relatives wrapped him in a cloth and buried him in a shallow grave. They thought he was dead. He wasn’t. Two days later, he regained consciousness and dug his way out. He then succeeded in flagging down a car. He was naked, so it wasn’t easy. Once clothed, he went to his funeral feast, surprising his relatives.

I TOLD YOU (STAB) TO (STAB) SHUT UP! Joseph Shelton, 51, was trying to watch a video in his Anchorage, Alaska, apartment, but his 42-year-old roommate, Terence Nixon, just would not stop talking, despite repeated requests. The two men were drinking beer at the time. Finally, police say, Shelton took out a 10-inch hunting knife and stabbed Nixon several times. He survived. Police came and arrested Shelton ”after a short scuffle.”

LET’S NOT BEHAVE LIKE ANIMALS: Mary Myrick, who owns an Oklahoma City public relations firm, has been bringing Winston, her pet Capuchin monkey, to work for some time now, even ensconcing him in his own office. So that was where animal control officers came to place Winston in custody after reports that he bit a teenager at a store a few days earlier. Oddly, the monkey went quietly, but the employees went ballistic, screaming, crying and hollering as Winston was led away. A 50-year-old woman charged an officer, bumped him with her chest and pinned him against his truck. She was detained briefly.