Campus master plan to be revealed in June

Hannah Sparling and Hannah Sparling

Last night University administrators revealed tentative plans to update, renovate and build new residence and dining halls on campus. The plans are part of the Master Plan for Residence Life and Dining Services, but Hank Colker, a senior principle from WTW Architects who helped design the plans, said they are still very flexible and will most likely change before they are implemented. ‘No one can stand here and tell you exactly what’s going to happen 10 years from now,’ Colker said. ‘Our charge is not to show every wall or door in McDonald, it’s to come up with an idea.’ Money for the improvements will come mostly from students living in the dorms and buying meal plans, said Michael Griffel, director of residence life. However, he said the University is among the cheapest state universities in Ohio, and they plan to stay there. He said because the plans are so tentative no one is sure how much the rates will go up, but it will not be more than students can afford to pay. ‘We want our rates to continue to be very competitive,’ Griffel said. Colker said cost was one of the main priorities considered in designing the project. ‘We’re trying to come up with a program that is financially viable,’ he said. ‘That is our first objective.’ There is no set timeline for the projects. Joseph Oravecz, associate vice president of student affairs, said right now administrators are just looking at the different projects in phases. After one phase is completed, he said they will look at where it makes sense to go next and move forward from there. ‘[We’re] kind of looking at those things in five-year chunks,’ Oravecz said. The complete Master Plan for Residence Life and Dining Services will be revealed on June 30.