Treasurer’s office became ‘one-stop shop’

John Bisesi and John Bisesi

When the University Treasurer’s Office became the Controller’s Office nothing changed much other than the name.

Effective in June 2008, the switch to Controller’s Office reflects the title of Sharon Swartz, controller, who is responsible for five major administrative offices.

Located way up on the 9th floor of the Administration Building, Swartz’s Controller’s Office is in charge of Payroll, Bursar, Financial Accounting, Accounts Payable and Grants Accounts. These are the offices important to students when coming in to talk about their bill or to make arrangements for payment.

“It is clearer to [students] that the Controller’s Office is kind of like a one-stop shop,” Swartz said. “But physically there is no change.”

The decision process to rename the Treasurer’s Office was already underway in June 2007 when Sherideen Stoll was hired as the University’s Chief Financial Officer. The name change signifies the reorganization of an office that is common to most public universities.

“It’s important that you want all of your accounting functions to report up through the one single Controller’s Office,” Stoll said.