Cam shows mascots


The Falcon Cam is a collaboration between the Wood County Commissioners Office and the University.

It’s common knowledge that the University’s mascot is the peregrine falcon.

However, it may come as a surprise that the clock tower of the Wood County Courthouse has been the chosen nesting spot of real-life Freddy and Frieda for the past seven years.

Through the collaborated efforts of the University and the Wood County Commissioners Office, a live stream of the falcons’ home in the clock tower is available online, according to the University website.

The live feed allows students, University faculty and Bowling Green residents to keep tabs on the pair of birds as they plan to lay eggs and raise chicks for their seventh year in a row.

The courthouse is located two blocks from campus.

Wood County Administrator Andrew Kalmar was quoted in a press release as saying that peregrine falcons typically don’t construct actual nests, as they are accustomed to living in rockier habitats.

He also said that each year they lay their eggs in the stones in the tower, and that chicks typically appear in late April or early May.

Second year student Ryan Jackson expressed excitement about being able to watch the falcon duo “hang out” in the clock tower.

“It’s a pretty cool coincidence that the animals that represent our school are living so close to campus,” he said, smiling. “Setting up the camera was probably a no-brainer; I’m sure there are many people who get a kick out of watching it,” he said.

The live stream was announced in March 2015, after the University provided a new camera for the project to replace an older one that couldn’t stream properly.

According to Jackson, the falcons haven’t been too active this year—yet.

“From the handful of times I’ve watched the feed, there’s only been one falcon and it usually just sits around, not doing much,” he said jokingly. “But it should be fun to watch the eggs hatch, if there are any this year.”

The Falcon Cam is currently active and can be watched live at Highlighted clips from years past can also be found on the website, including clips of previous baby falcons that have been hatched in the tower.