Surviving the Super Bowl

By Lauren Fitz and By Lauren Fitz

This Sunday is one of the biggest sports days of the year, or so I’m told. This Sunday is the Super Bowl, where the best of one conference plays against the best of another conference.

If you know me, you know I hate football and anything related to sports. For those of you who feel the same way, I’m going to offer my invaluable tips on how to survive another Sunday filled with football.

One of my personal favorite ways to avoid sports in general is to have a mini-marathon of my favorite TV shows. For instance, two years ago, USA Network aired a marathon of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” the night of the Super Bowl that was aptly titled “The Benson Bowl,” showing some of the best Olivia Benson episodes in the show’s history. They may not be doing another Benson Bowl marathon this year, but there are episodes of the show airing on USA the day of the Super Bowl.

If a marathon of Olivia Benson isn’t your idea of a Super Bowl Sunday, but you still want to have a marathon of something, then I suggest turning to reality TV. For me, I recommend a marathon of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” as my favorite real housewife, Heather Dubrow, just announced that she’s leaving the show after five seasons. Is there a better way to honor the queen of class by having a marathon of her best moments? I think not.

So maybe watching reality TV or the Benson Bowl isn’t among your ideal ways to celebrate the big game. Don’t worry, I’m not out of suggestions. If you still want to watch TV and stay in the realm of football, then I suggest watching “Friday Night Lights,” which is available to stream on Netflix. The show deals with a high school football team and the trials and tribulations that surround the Dillon Panthers’ players and coaches, and shines a spotlight on what happens to them both on and off the field. Clear eyes and full hearts – you can’t lose with watching this show.

However, I’m not totally against the Super Bowl in its entirety. After all, Lady Gaga, the Mother Monster herself, is performing at the halftime show. If betting on sports isn’t your thing, you can bet on how many times I’ll cry during her performance (my money’s on me crying twice).

But, if you don’t like sports and feel you must watch the game, for your sake, I hope you’re at a party with lots of food and with lots of people you know so you can at least be surrounded by people who hopefully know what’s going on more than you do.

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