Super Bowl halftime show fails to live up to years past


NFL Jacob

Michael Pincumbe and Michael Pincumbe

The Super Bowl halftime show has brought us many memorable performances from artist such as Michael Jackson, Prince, U2, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, but Maroon 5 missed the bar, with a performance most viewers are calling subpar.

The decision to have Maroon 5 perform at the Super Bowl was met with controversy since it was first announced in September, mainly because fans wanted to see an Atlanta artist such as Usher, TLC, or T.I. take the stage instead.

Regardless, Maroon 5 was clearly determined to perform, later recruiting Travis Scott and later adding Big Boi from Outkast, pleasing the fans who were upset about the Atlanta artist snub. In an effort to avoid addressing the controversy Maroon 5 decided to cancel the pre-halftime show news conference, making them the first performers ever to not do so.

After all of the controversy and doubt from critics leading up to the big performance, most viewers were expecting Maroon 5 to put on the best show that they could, to prove the critics wrong, but they didn’t gave half the effort they should have.

The show began with Adam Levine and the rest of the band performing their hits “She Will Be Loved” and “This Love” in front of a group of fans carrying floating lamps, arguably the only interesting part of the entire performance.

Viewers were then shown a disappointing tribute to SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg, who died last year. The tribute showed a brief clip of Spongebob and the rest of the Bikini Bottom Marching Band performing at the iconic “Bubble Bowl.” The video was dubbed with Travis Scott’s #1 hit, “Sicko Mode” and was used as a transition for the rest of Scott’s performance. The problem with the bit was that it really didn’t do Spongebob or Travis Scott any justice, it was over before you knew it. Also, for the amount of time that they put into preparation for this performance, the chemistry between Adam Levine and Travis Scott on stage made it look like that part of the performance was put together earlier in the day.

Another awkward and rushed part of the performance was Big Boi’s performance of “The Way You Move.” Again, the performance was way to short and the on-stage chemistry between Big Boi and Adam Levine was very awkward. It didn’t appear as though Big Boi really enjoyed being on stage and was just performing for the sales boost.

Altogether, the performance was simply boring. A great halftime show requires high energy, impressive vocals and stunning stage props and production. Maroon 5 certainly didn’t deliver anything to make the performance truly memorable like years prior.