BGSU Student Union Starbucks to undergo renovations


Starbucks 10/3

Eric Cox and Eric Cox

Starbucks franchises are required to undergo major renovations every ten years, and it is about that time at the BGSU location. 

The campus Starbucks, located in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, is scheduled for such a renovation this summer.

Dining services is in the early stages of this process and has not proposed a final plan yet. Since Starbucks is a franchise, BGSU must work with Starbucks in order to keep within the confines of their contract. 

BGSU Dining Director Michael Paulus is excited about the new innovations that can be brought to campus with a renovation. The campus Starbucks is looking to double the size of the current location by moving it within the student union.

BGSU Dining hopes to work to bring new features to this new location. Mobile order, Nitro Brew and other coffee innovations not currently available on campus are potentially coming with the expansion. Mobile order would require a separate system, however. Paulus said they would want it fully integrated within BGSU’s meal plans.

This change could be important for the student body since the Starbucks campus location is one of the highest grossing Starbucks in Northwest Ohio. Dining services hopes to expand the size of the current location to be able to better accommodate the large demand for coffee at BGSU.

There are still many steps before the renovation is possible as dining services would only have the summer to complete this project. Closure of Starbucks during any part of the fall 2020 semester is not something they would like to do.