Review system for penalties needs to happen


NFL Jacob

Jacob Clary and Jacob Clary

It has been a week since the NFC Championship game, and we finally got our first word from the National Football League about the incident involving New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis and Los Angeles Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman Friday. The league gave Robey-Coleman a $26,000 fine for his hit on the Saints receiver but said nothing else about the play in question.

The controversial hit, which did not get called on the field, caused the Saints to have to kick a field goal and give the Rams possession of the ball instead of being inside the 10-yard line and being able to run down the clock and win the game. The Rams ended up driving down the field and tying the game to send it to overtime and then won the game in overtime on another field goal.

The past week was full of people calling for, at the least, a statement from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the play, but there was no such statement. As some in the league have been saying for years, including Saints head coach Sean Payton, I think it is time the league allows teams to challenge penalties like pass interference or facemask, especially in important situations like the NFC Championship game. Yes, the Saints had their chance to win the game in regulation, as well as overtime due to getting the ball first, but that doesn’t take away from the atrocious no-call that everyone is talking about. The Rams also had a play go uncalled in one of their drives, a missed facemask that could have changed the game too. The game was completely different because of the way the referees called the game, and I think it’s wrong that the referees are what we’re talking about. There were even ridiculous calls in the Patriots game, including a roughing the passer call which looks like a Chiefs player was trying to give Brady a Christian side hug.

The NFL should want the games to be what we talk about, not its ineptitude, and because of that, they too should start lobbying for some kind of review system for penalties. The only reason they wouldn’t want something like that is if all they care about is getting talked about, and not with the opinion of the fans. But who would want that, right? The NFL would never do something like that, right? If only you could see my sarcastic face right now.

The league would be doing the right thing giving a penalty review system because too many games have been decided thanks to a bad call, and whole careers have been affected thanks to the latest no-call, which may be the worst of them all.