This week in sports: NFL expands regular season, MLB opening day approaches


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Zak Smith and Zak Smith

Though it’s been a little while, a lot has happened over the span of the last two weeks. So In this week’s recap of the world of sports, we’ll be looking not just at what happened, but what is coming in the future.

NFL 17 Week Schedule:

Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL ownership have approved a 17-week NFL season. This means that an 18th week will be added to the NFL calendar, and still with only one bye. Players such as Alvin Kamara, running back of the New Orleans Saints, have already begun voicing their negative opinion on a 17-week regular season, and what it could mean on the wear and tear on players bodies especially before heading into the postseason and beyond. Goodell also believes there to be full stadiums come the fall, as to help raise salary cap numbers next season. This coupled with all the new television contracts should provide several new avenue’s for money this coming season.

NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft less than a month away, players and teams are getting excited for when their team turns in their pick. Most popular pro days have already commenced with the headline quarterbacks of Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Trey Lance and Zach Wilson showing why they all expect to hear their names early on. Presumed No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence has declined his invitation to the draft in Cleveland to stay home with his family in Clemson. Though there are likely others to turn their invitations, as there are every year, Lawrence is the first notable this year.

MLB Set for new season

The MLB suffered last season due to COVID-19, but baseball is ready to be back and bigger than before. With some players joining new teams, and teams that felt within reach of the Fall Classic, the magical day where every single team has World Series aspirations, Opening Day is set to begin on April 1st.

The Rich Get Richer

There is no doubting who the two powerhouse teams are in the NBA this season, the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers. With the trade deadline having gone and passed, the two teams each have made moves to solidify their starting lineups. The Nets, who have already picked up Blake Griffin this year as free agent, have now picked up Lamarcus Aldrige, the former Spurs star to fortify their starting five. Seeing this, the Lakers made a move of their own, signing Griffin’s former teammate, Andre Drummond. Drummond, who was with Cleveland this year before being bought out of his contract, now joins Lebron James and Anthony Davis as potentially the scariest three big men in basketball.