Local haunt provides frights worthy of nightmares

Kerrigan Stark and Kerrigan Stark

The long line wrapped around three times before beginning outside of the establishment. Hundreds, if not thousands, of unsuspecting thrill-seekers waited to get the fright of their lives from Distracted Haunted House. Being the winner of Ohio Valley Haunts’ “Most Unique Characters” and “Most Original Characters Award,” this scare factory promises to put on display everyone’s “darkest fears.”

The adventure begins with a winding and meandering maze. One is safe for perhaps five minutes before a plethora of creatures jump out to frighten you. You must surrender to the dead ends and confusing paths as you make your way though. As you begin to outsmart the labyrinth, you will come across many creatures and humanoids.

A mad scientist will usher you past his diabolical experiments who crave flesh and blood with skin that is rotting away. A young girl wishes to entertain you with a game, but how far is one willing to go for the sake of winning?

A parent screams in agony, begging for somebody to return their lost child. Tall beings, some would say giants, are tucked away, only to put the most innate fear of survival within its victims. Arachnophobia sufferers … well, you already know the potential horror that will overtake you. 

Those who were unbothered by the clown scare shall meet their match in the most absolutely petrifying of ways. A dark fate awaits those who reach the “Bagger Room.” You will bare witness to the utmost gruesome acts of violence. Those who dare to lag behind or express their fears will lie in wait for the upcoming terror. Lets just say … stay close to your friends. 

Lucy the Demon has created a multidimensional realm of trepidation with each living nightmare taking place in five domains, otherwise known as “Murder, Possession, Mutilation, Isolation and Shame.”

The students of BGSU often find themselves seeking the adrenaline rush and thrill ride that is Distracted, while also lending some of their own talents. As a fundraising hotspot, numerous Greek organizations, sports teams, and club members use their skills to help put on an amazing scare fest that is sure to leave you yearning for more.

Leading Saturday, the 23rd’s nightmare was BGSU’s one and only hockey team. Jacob Dubendorfer, a fellow hockey team member, was present for the night’s haunts in the “Bagger Room” and claimed this astonishing statement: “I made six kids cry.”

Each of the actors are taught to stay in character no matter what challenges they face. This was present when Carson Robison, a local BGSU student, dared to enter. “At one point, a few of us were in a serious game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (with the actors)”.

What other potential horrors could possibly await you? You’ll have to find out this Halloween weekend, on Oct. 29 from p.m. to 10:30 p.m., or on Oct. 30 to 31 from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.