BRAVE pushes for social justice, activism in Bowling Green

Morgan Taylor and Morgan Taylor

The Black Lives Matter Movement has been a call to action within the country to stop racial disparity and injustices amongst the Black community. Anthony King, music education major at BGSU, started BRAVE, an organization committed to black rights, activism, visibility and equity in the city of Bowling Green.

King is known as one of the leaders behind the peaceful protest against the City of Bowling Green’s Police Department this past month, as well as creating the city’s first Juneteenth festival on June 20th.

He has recently been appointed by the Mayor Mike Aspacher and the city council board to come up with solutions regarding the racial disparity and issues that are happening in the community of Bowling Green. King serves as a representation for the community.

Since being appointed, King is now the founder of BRAVE, a non-profit organization. Their mission is to create real change in local government policy, fight systemic racism and help create resources and opportunities for the Black community to succeed in education and business.

“We want the community of color to have a chance to be heard. In our mission statement, we are creating policies for African Americans in the community to fully embrace our culture,” King said.

King intends on using the platform of BRAVE for the black community and is actively working on creating a liaison for the community. Not only is the organization planning more events, but they are creating more opportunities for black business owners.

BRAVE is creating a black business fund and classes so that entrepreneurs can be more successful and have those resources accessible. The goal is to give these businesses more of an opportunity and funding through the city so they can have more representation in the community.

Additionally, BRAVE is also conducting a community outreach program. They are traveling to local churches and schools to advocate for more black programs.

“The purpose of these outreach programs is to help organizations of Bowling Green to become more inclusive and allow black people to be more comfortable to reach out for those resources,” King said.

The group is open to partnering with other organizations who are established in Bowling Green as well.

BRAVE is planning on having more events and festivals for the community. On Aug. 28th, they are planning a remembrance event for Emmett Till. 

For more involvement and donation opportunities, visit their facebook page here. BRAVE can also be found on Instagram at bravebgohio.