WBGU-FM receives honorable mention for National Signature Station of the Year

Amanda Delong and Amanda Delong

WBGU-FM will be taking home awards this April!

This past November, WBGU-FM submitted for National Signature Station of the Year. This award is given to student run, faculty advised stations that show excellence in branding, design, student management, community involvement, programming arrangement, philosophical engagement, recruitment and equipment. Within this past year, the station has transitioned to a new facility with top equipment. They have focused on rebranding and redesigning to bring out a new WBGU-FM image to fit this new building. The application process included all of this along with information about the successful events that have been executed by the WBGU-FM promotions team. 

[[inline_image_identifier 53e7d2793ca7accfa18bb49cf8c14db8.jpg]]

WBGU-FM will take home the honorable mention for this award for 2018. The station is also taking home 3rd place for Best Play-by-Play Talent for radio/TV sports. 

Members of the station will be attending the National Association of Broadcasters and Broadcaster’s Education Association conference in Las Vegas this upcoming April to accept these awards. All the awards can be viewed online here. Learn more about these conferences at NAB Conference or BEA Conference