Fine China rallies with “Not Thrilled”

Maddy Grimm and Maddy Grimm

“Not Thrilled”?? Worst name for an awesome album that is definitely thrilling.

Fine China are indie rock band from Phoenix, Arizona originally formed in 1997. They have taken the indie stage this year with a killer comeback.

I’m a typical indie rock/emo/new wave music fan and this has become the soundtrack of my life lately. I haven’t stopped listening to it since I discovered it.

The band’s definitely got some Cure and Smiths influence but they balance it well with fresh melodies and riffs. Their guitars are seriously groovy and bound to make an impression on you.

Favorite tracks:

Anybody Else” is the first up. Great establishing track of the band’s sound and what’s to come. Chill jam that you’ll definitely be singing along to after one listen.

“The Light of Spring” comes next and was the first song I heard off the album. Twinkly fast paced guitar and synths, what’s not to love?

“Feel Not” might be my favorite, favorite. The chorus is crazy powerful. You can feel the energy through the track and It makes me want to belt it out with him every time I hear it. Sidenote: it’s super cool to listen to when you’re on a plane and taking off.

“Iron is Your Love” is chill but insanely catchy. Rob Withem’s vocal range is seriously impressive and impossible to not fall in love with. Honestly love every track off the album and how often can you say that about a band? Even if you aren’t a huge fan, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying something off this album. It’s easy listening at the very least.

Check it out. If you don’t love it, you’re wrong. The album is available to stream on Spotify but you heard it first from WBGU-FM.