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Max Lowther and Max Lowther

Electric Forest 2018 continues its 8-day music festival experience for the second year and once again left fans, artists, vendors and the whole forest family with lasting memories. Electric Forest did not disappoint and brought some of the most well-known names in electronic music and top-notch production for fans to enjoy for two weekends. The level of detail put into the design of Sherwood Forest, combined with the high energy sets and positive atmosphere, keeps fans wanting more and performers reluctant to end their sets.

This year, Electric Forest continued its #8DaysOfForest with two weekends for campers to choose from. The second weekend saw near sell-out crowds that were immersed with the forest experience. Whether you attend the first weekend or second, depends on your music preference primarily, but the positive energy, detailed production, and interactive elements for fans to experience stays throughout the two-week experience. Which is unlike any other festival setting, at least in the Midwest.

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Not only do fans notice the difference but the performers feel the difference as well. When you enter Rothbury, Michigan in late June there is a family like feeling unlike most music festivals. Even experienced and well-known performing artists notice the difference, not only on stage, but through their experience as well. Many artists stay both weekends to get the full experience.

I got to catch up with performer, producer, and live show designer Alluxe who has hit some major festival stops this year, as well as previously toured with artists such as Kanye West and Miguel.

“This is a very special festival coming from the west coast, there’s a small town, niche feeling here that’s relaxed and welcoming,” she said.

Not only is the atmosphere and attitude different in the forest, the awing production allows for attendees to explore much more than just music. The design and detail of Sherwood Forest is incredible. Nick MacDaniels, lead singer from rock/funk band Big Something commented about the production saying, “The thought put into the lighting, artwork and architecture is very unique and so much different from anywhere we have ever performed, and we really are enjoying the opportunity to get to play here.” 

It’s no surprise that Electric Forest had to expand to a two-weekend experience. Each and every year the forest family grows. Fans bring friends, artists share stories and want to return. All around, this festival experience stands out as one of the most organized and well put together events around. This is something that cannot be experienced through pictures and videos but something you have to see in person. Considering the attention to detail put into the forest, and welcoming atmosphere around the venue, these factors alone allow the festival to continue to grow year after year.

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