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November 30, 2023

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Hollywood needs to stop forcing agendas

Everyone knows Hollywood celebrities have money the rest of America would not mind sharing. They buy million-dollar homes, cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and Versace clothes.

But one thing Hollywood liberals do not own, which they need to buy, is a pacifier.

This pacifier would stop them from whining and forcing their views on every other American. I’m not the only one who is tired of being told by the Hollywood left that conservative ideals, and the Bush administration, are wrong.

Until God himself says either conservative or liberal beliefs are right, no one is wrong.

But listening to Michael Moore, Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, among many others, one might think otherwise.

Take for example Moore’s filmmaking. Since “Fahrenheit 9/11” was released, there have been numerous reports of deceit in the movie. Moore based part of this movie off the 9/11 Commission’s report, when the Commission itself is mostly Democrat.

I recall a trailer for “Fahrenheit 9/11” that implied that everything Americans had been told about 9/11 was wrong. After the movie’s release, several films, such as “Michael Moore Hates America,” “Celsius 41.11” and “Centigrade 9/11,” were made.

The Motion Picture Association of America had problems releasing these films because they disagreed with them. Only Celsius was released, and it was not shown at many theaters.

So “Fahrenheit 9/11” was released throughout America, and Moore once again preached to the masses about the many things he dislikes about America. And this is the guy who referred to the United Airlines flight 93 passengers as “chickens” for not killing the hijackers, even after they scared them into crashing the plane into a cornfield instead of the Capitol Building.

What a classy “American.”

Then there’s Julia Roberts who founded the phrase “Not My President.” She is right. Bush is not HER president. He is every American’s president.

Then there’s Sean Penn, who mumbled about the lack of weapons of mass destruction in his Oscar acceptance speech, as the rest of his liberal Hollywood cohorts in the attendance cheered.

I remember their liberal backlash kicked into gear in March of 2003 when Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks said she was embarrassed about Bush’s decision to go to war. When Toby Keith defended our president, Maines wore an “F.U.T.K.” shirt to the Country Music Awards — and denied “T.K.” meant Toby Keith.

Before the election, several musicians went on a tour that’s purpose was to show discontent for our president. One of the artists, Dave Matthews, has vehemently described his negative opinions of our government in outlets such as Rolling Stone Magazine. He even had the audacity to say he is more American than our president.

Hollywood has run its liberal mouth too long, and conservatives are tired of it. While everyone has the right to free speech, it seems like some celebrities are trying to force their beliefs on every American, when they ought to know none of our views are necessarily right or wrong.

By the election, I was enraged about constantly being fed this propaganda. If there is one good thing the Hollywood left accomplished this year, it is that they gave some conservatives one more reason to vote GOP.

Some leftists might argue that conservatives have no right to be upset, because these celebrities are exercising free speech. That is correct; however, Hollywood liberals are taking advantage of the First Amendment.

There is a difference between presenting one’s opinion and stating the other side is wrong, or even worse, making documentaries to feed one’s opinion to millions of people.

Since celebrities like Moore pick apart countless things they dislike about our government and citizens, I don’t understand why they still live here. They are not changing our way of life, they are only enraging people who disagree with them.

Perhaps they are hypocrites and only stay here because no other country has the freedom and opportunity of America. If they lived in another country, they certainly would not have their high-paying jobs.

Our government is not perfect, but they have kept our country wealthy, free and hopeful for over 200 years. It is too bad people in the 90210 zip code do not realize that.

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