Men incapable of making abortion call

A news article written by a reporter was limited to “exclusive” Web access while an opinion piece written by an advocate for Falcons for Life was printed on Friday, and can be accessed through the Web as well.

I think highly of The BG News staff, and have continued to read the paper though I have graduated. I would like to think this imbalance of coverage was an accidental oversight.

I also question a man, such as D.J. Johnson, who will have his readers believe that men have no say in the abortion issue and that contacting your government representatives is necessary.

Ohio’s U.S. Senators and Representatives, as well as our Governor, Lt. Governor. Secretary of State and Attorney General are all men, and all anti-choice. Many of these men receive large sums of money from “pro-life” organizations to fuel their campaigns.

I question a man, such as D.J. Johnson, who is consistently lacking in his empathy toward women he knows nothing about – real women.

I am a patient advocate at an abortion clinic. I was also the “younger” speaker Mr. Johnson referred to in his Friday column. I work 40 hours a week with women who are both contemplating and sometimes having abortions.

Women who get abortions often have children, go to school, hold multiple jobs and responsibilities.

Men such as D.J. Johnson will have you believe such women are irresponsible for getting pregnant and having abortions and will equally scorn women who give birth to unintended children and struggle to raise them responsibly and alone.

Men who oppose abortion, and women who become pregnant unintentionally, live in fear of a time when women will have full and accessible control over their reproductivity because such men don’t know how to relate to women beyond selfish need.

I question anyone of sound mind and body who wants these men – men who are anti-choice and consistently anti-woman – to run our government.

Every position matters. Vote pro-choice.


Elisabeth Sowecke


[email protected]