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Sins of Liberalism’ misconstrued

In his column on Friday, DJ Johnson addressed the sins of liberal thought.

He begins his argument by saying that liberals “promote the idea that everyone else should work harder than oneself.”

If he is referring to welfare policies, he must be more objective and take himself out of his own privileged shoes and into those of the poor.

First of all – and this goes for a higher tax policy on the wealthy as well – the U.S. is a community – something conservatives seek to destroy.

All of us depend on each other for our opportunities. As we saw on 9/11, it takes 20 men to stop everything in America (granted they were not American but bear with me).

Our economy and investment rely heavily on stability, as does every other business climate in the world.

The U.S. has historically been a safe place to start a business and to direct both domestic and foreign capital.

This is because there is stability – for example no or little fear of: military coups, terrorism, threats to democracy, etc.

Also, as the economic superpower – for the time being – business and investment in America is less affected by fluctuations in other markets across the globe.

In short, we are a safe bet (a low-yield junk bond). The entire population – the citizens and the taxpayers – provide this opportunity for some of the ambitious amongst us to create or increase wealth for themselves.

All our community asks is that a portion of that wealth is redistributed to those neighbors who help provide the economic environment but – for a myriad of possible reasons – have not made it themselves.

Lets not forget that the rich and powerful need the poor and middle-class’ cooperation in this communal agreement – something called democracy (teardrop down my cheek).

Johnson wrote on Friday: “Liberals invest their time in changing the system.

Frustration develops when change doesn’t happen immediately.

For example, diplomacy hasn’t happened in Iraq overnight, and as the U.S. Military continues to fight, liberalism assaults Bush for his ineffectiveness in the Middle East.

So wrathful (yet blissfully ignorant) protesters like Cindy Sheehan rally in front of the White House in an attempt for Bush to pull out of Asia, but still expect some meteoric miracle to happen.”

Hey buddy, I’m not going to ask you where you were during the battle for civil rights and opposition to the Vietnam War because I wasn’t born then either.

A better question is “where were you when they were teaching this in your class?”

They have up-to-date textbooks at your high school don’t they?

Maybe a locker that locks along with professional development for your high school’s teachers, right?

If they didn’t well then you probably should have learned on your own – who needs public schools? – that change doesn’t happen unless people make themselves heard.

The government – the people we elected along with those administrative unaccountables that we didn’t – has made its choices.

The government chose to have segregation. It chose to have continual unending war in Southeast Asia.

Only when people took to the streets and demanded equal rights did the government – faced with its own dissolution – relent.

As far as Vietnam goes – the protestors were unsuccessful. Nixon eventually signed a peace accord in 1973 that was roughly the same as the one he could have signed in 1971 – saving thousands of American and Vietnamese lives – and of course he kept illegally bombing Cambodia.

All for economic interests of those you admire as valiant and most importantly – not liberal.

But the perseverance of the protestors then and now is to be admired. I see frustration, but I also see purpose. We must be reminded every day that we are involved in a war – we invaded another country (say that to yourself BGNews reader) – and how horrible war is.

It’s amazing that Johnson tears down social programs like Medicaid and Social Security (programs designed for the elderly, widowed/orphaned and disabled) but yet he chooses to lecture on the morality of liberals using the seven deadly sins.

What about gluttony? Greed? Lust (for power)?

Do these three sins not apply to people who want to reduce government to the size that best serves maybe 10,000 of the near 300 million people in this country?

Whose side do you think Jesus would come down on?

Actually we already know about his feelings on “you can’t take it with you” and other cliches about absurdly accumulated wealth.

It always chaps my asswhen people like Johnson regurgitate GOP morality-propaganda all over the shoes of their listeners. Oh man, my Puma’s!


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