Video game review: “Mario Superstar Baseball”

Joe Cunningham and Joe Cunningham

Grade: B

It seems that recently Nintendo has been putting more and more sports into their Super Mario franchise.

So far, we have seen “Mario Tennis,” “Mario Golf,” and now “Mario Superstar Baseball.”

This latest game in the long running Mario franchise has you starting a baseball team of nine players and competing against other Mario characters in order to work your way up to, of course, Bowser.

“Mario Superstar Baseball” is about what you would expect from a Mario game, its very kid orientated and is easy to pick up.

The visuals are in no way revolutionary, but are about on par for most other games. The level designs to separate it from the other baseball games with various obstacles in the playing field that both help and hinder your progress depending on whether you are pitching or hitting.

When you first pick up the game, it plays like most other baseball games that are out there now. The only difference even at the beginning levels the other teams are better than you in every way, from batting to fielding.

Despite this though, it is easy to find yourself to want to continue playing it despite watching the other teams come back from three down in the bottom of the last inning. While it’s not the best game that’s out there right now, Mario Superstar Baseball is a fun and addicting game that, while frustrating at times, manages to keep you coming back for more.