Local band’s new CD to ‘Resonate’ at party tonight

Chelsea Howard and Chelsea Howard

Before the term “rock” hit popular culture and was applied to Ashlee Simpson, the word actually meant something.

It implied good music.

Resonant Soul rock.

Bringing back the forgotten guitar solos and sung vocals versus screamed, Resonant Soul released their sophomore album Wednesday titled “Stillwater” and will be having a CD release party at Howard’s Club H tonight at 9.

“Stillwater” incorporates a sound that can metaphorically be described as a boat party between Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

The album contains melodies that are incredibly soft on the ears and rock hard riffs that congeal well, creating a solid record, which is something that the public has already picked up on.

Rick Acker, drummer and student here at the University, conveyed messages of excitement due to the success thus far of the new album.

“In pre-sold CDs we have sold about 100,” Acker said on Wednesday when the CD was released. “I just sent one out to the U.K. because we are even developing a fan base there with the possibility of being played on the BBC.”

However, our friendly neighbors across the pond are the only ones picking up on the Resonant Soul infatuation.

Out of 700-plus fans on their mailing list, one-third of them reside in Bowling Green.

They were extremely excited about the release, especially since the single, “Burn Out July” has received such a positive response.

“We are actually getting a lot of airplay on 104.7 and 106.5 with that song, and the feedback has been amazing,” Acker said.

And the other nine tracks on the album can fall into that statement as well.

“Stillwater” encompasses rock and mixes it with passion and heartbreak, topics the album lyrics were mainly written about.

“Our singer wrote most of the songs about turmoil in relationships, and you will pick up on that throughout the album.

“It’s kinda like a breakup album, which is ironic because ‘Stillwater’ is the calm before any wake and wind which is soothing. The words in the lyrics needed to be said.”

And the words that needed to be said, can be heard at Howard’s, during the CD release party.

“We plan to sing about every song off of the new album, and kind of old favorites from our first album, “Machine,” which also got positive reviews as well,” Acker stated.

But the positive reviews aren’t the only goals on the minds of the men of Resonant Soul.

“Our primary goal is to get into as many hands as possible. This is a product we want to get in the hands of labels and people everywhere so they can be exposed to our music,” Acker said.

However, Resonant Soul might face some difficulties, as their CD release party happens to be the last day of classes for fall break.

But Acker and his bandmates encourage students to come experience one of the last rare art forms: pure, live rock music.

“I know it’s fall break, but you should come and check out great local music,” Acker said. “All of the bands have something good to say, and it’s going to be a positive, really fun night.”

Three other Bowling Green local bands, Cannonfodder, After Alice and Anaphase will also be taking the stage during the CD release party.

The show starts at 9 p.m. and the price is $5.

“Stillwater” can be found at the show, Finders, MadHatter and possibly the Shed. More information on the band can be found on their Web site www.resonantsoul.com or on MySpace at www.mypace.com/resonantsoul.