Letters to the Editor: Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Guest Columnist and Guest Columnist

Fraternity apologizes for offensive shirts

The brothers of Phi Kappa Tau apologize to any members of the campus community who were offended by T-shirts made by our fraternity last semester.

These T-shirts were made in poor judgment, and could be offensive to certain individuals. These T-shirts do not represent the views or values of our fraternity, and we would like to offer our assurance that, in the future, Phi Kappa Tau will not be represented this way at BGSU.

Phi Kappa Tau has a long history of positive contributions to the BGSU community and we apologize to all those who have come to look to Phi Kappa Tau as leaders of the campus community.

We recognize that as leaders, the responsibility to act in accordance with good judgment and in good taste, consistent with the values contained in our ritual, is at all times extremely important, and we promise to do so in the future.