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April 18, 2024

  • Jeanette Winterson for “gAyPRIL”
    “gAyPRIL” (Gay-April) continues on Falcon Radio, sharing a playlist curated by the Queer Trans Student Union, sharing songs celebrating the LGBTQ+ experience. In similar vein, you will enjoy Jeanette Winterson’s books if you find yourself interested in LGBTQ+ voices and nonlinear narratives. As “dead week” is upon us, students, we can utilize resources such as Falcon […]
  • Poetics of April
    As we enter into the poetics of April, also known as national poetry month, here are four voices from well to lesser known. The Tradition – Jericho Brown Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Brown visited the last American Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP 2024) conference, and I loved his speech and humor. Besides […]
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The Boggs



Arena Rock Recordings

One of the hottest bands coming out of New York City, The Boggs give you something totally new with their debut album We Are the Boggs We Are. If the name sounds a tad redundant be thankful because it may be the only thing you are sure of while listening to the CD.

The Boggs fuse two genres of music that would seem to be mutually exclusive — punk rock and bluegrass. An odd couple to be sure, but the band makes it work with creative hooks and the confidence to be different. They deconstruct music back to the most basic elements of Americana.

Combining Depression era country sounds with a lyrical style reminiscent of old Irish folk music and African chants and rhythms The Boggs create a sound that is not only original, but also refreshingly challenging to the listener.

The CD starts out with a banjo twang which reminds one more of “O Brother Where Art Thou?” than The Strokes. Before long The Boggs begin their punk rock assault thanks to heavy drums, thrashing banjos and lead singer Jason Friedman’s incomprehensible vocals.

In fact, throughout the CD the lyrics are almost completely unintelligible, shifting from low mumbles to loud screeches. The singing, although sometimes frustrating, adds to the sense of the deconstructed Dust Bowl folk and tribal sounds the band strives for.

The Boggs often walk a fine line between inspired originality and conceited punk rock sensibilities. A look at the press release holds the statement, “The Boggs perform music outside of time, from the zero hour.” This statement indicates either a very pretentious band or a very ignorant publicist. However, the band ultimately succeeds thanks to their fresh sound and simple lyrics, which lack any sense of postmodern irony.

Performing music that would enrage purists but satisfy many who are looking for something fresh and exciting, The Boggs are a band definitely worth a listen, although you might not last to track three.

– Sean Corp




iMusic and BMG Distribution

Eric Idle’s new CD, The Rutland Isles, is British humour at its worst. Idle, a key cog in what is arguably the most successful comedy troupe ever, Monty Python, comes at you in full force with this solo effort and all he manages to prove is that he can perform funny material but he sure can’t write it.

I can imagine everyone thinking how great of an idea this would be at a pitch meeting. “You see,” says one big wig, “the one and only Eric Idle has combined songs and comedy!”

He has indeed combined songs and comedy, which I have, for the sake of space blended into a new genre of music: sodomy. While this classification may seem a bit harsh I assure you it is more accurate then you want to believe. Idle has expertly weaved bad jokes and bad, horribly produced songs with all the tact of someone who likes to kick puppies.

The jokes are so overdone and obvious it makes you long for the subtlety of Billy Madison. The CD is a mock travelogue hosted by Nigel Spasm (Idle). In one track Spasm meets a group of gay dolphins and this track is called, as you would assume: Flipper Minnelli.

Because you see, gay people love Liza Minnelli and the comedy lies in the fact that if there were indeed gay dolphins they would also love Liza Minnelli.

If that didn’t make you laugh then Idle has many other painfully obvious jokes at his disposal. He visits the island of Paranoia where people are paranoid.

He also visits the Overly Friendly Isles and the ancient tribe of The Randi, who Spasm helpfully informs us, scared the pants off of Columbus. Did I mention he runs into a bipolar bear? If that isn’t enough he goes to the docks and sees people fishing for…compliments! Priceless.

– Sean Corp




Sugarhill Records

As I approached my mailbox Tuesday morning I became very excited because I saw a brand new shiny CD waiting for me. But when I picked up this brand new CD, I saw the cover, which was a painting of a girl rowing a boat, saw the band’s name, Railroad Earth, and I immediately thought, “not another bluegrass, rock, jazz, celtic, band with the soaring improvisational spirit of a jam-band who claim to be refreshingly original.” Yes, I have very in-depth thoughts.

So I picked up their press packet and enclosed was a photo. Six guys all dressed up like a bluegrass, rock, jazz, celtic, band with the soaring improvisational spirit of a jam band who looked like someone could claim to be refreshingly original.

So, I skim their press release and I come across the sentence “Combining bluegrass, rock, jazz, celtic and more, with the soaring improvisational spirit of a jam-band; and Todd Sheaffer’s rootsy and instantly singable songs, Railroad Earth has created a sound that is refreshingly original.”

But all kidding aside, Railroad Earth sounds like they know what they are doing and do it well. Bluegrass music mixed with various other sounds to appeal to a wide audience. In fact, for those of you who remember, they sound a little like The

Traveling Wilbury’s. Sheaffer’s voice is reminiscent of the late George Harrison’s, and give the songs, dare I say it, a Beatle’s vibe.

If you’re into folk rock music with different instruments mixed in, then this CD is for you.

– Brian Horn

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