Eligibility for aid does not depend on major

Scott Niles and Scott Niles

The University’s theatre department is now accepting applications for a variety of grants-in-aid scholarships, applicants do not have to be theater majors.

The department scholarships offered include: Acting, Technical, Forensics and Debate and Arts Management.

Shaun Moorman, business and operations manager for the theater department said the scholarships give students the opportunity to gain experience in an area of interest that might help them out later.

These scholarships are open to both theater majors and non-majors alike, Moorman said.

“We encourage non-majors to apply for these grants,” Moorman said.

Roseanna Sharrow, a theater major, said the grants-in-aids are beneficial to non-majors as well.

“For my first year and a half I was a non-major, the grants not only give you theatre experience but also life experiences,” Sharrow said. “So it is good for non-majors to try to obtain one of these scholarships as well.”

Students who receive the scholarships are required to maintain a certain amount of time devoted to working with areas of interest and working on stage crew.

Possibilities include work in set design, lighting and management positions with performances held at the University.

“The goal of the grants-in-aid are to encourage students to hone through the educational process in their specific area of interest to prepare them for work in the professional arenas,” Moorman said.

Arthur Ross, another theater major, said the grants-in-aid provide enjoyment in what he is doing as well as providing financial support and giving people experience.

“I definitely think it is helpful,” Ross said. “I had an internship last year that carried over to this year and I had no experience with technical work before, but after doing some technical work for the grants-in-aid, it has helped me out there as well.”

Ross says that the grants-in-aid experience has helped make him a more rounded actor, because he is able to do more then just one specific area and it leaves possibilities open for him.

The scholarship is renewable every year for a peak amount of $3,500. The deadline for applications is today, however the theater department will be accepting applications for the first few days after break as well.

Moorman said he encourages people to apply for these grants-in-aids for the purpose for gaining more experience, as well as getting financial support.

Sharrow, who is currently a recipient of the stage management grants-in-aid award, said that it is worth the effort.

“It is hard work just like anything else you do, but the experience and enjoyment you get out of it really pays off,” Sharrow said.

Auditions for some of the grants-in-aid will be held on March 29th. For more information, contact the University’s theater department.