USG peace resolution bad idea

A peace resolution is being brought in front of Undergraduate Student Government. If passed, USG will be representing all of us by saying that the undergraduate students of Bowling Green State University are against this war. That is quite ridiculous.

The students of the University have many different opinions about the war. Some are for the war, some are against it and some can’t make up their minds — and that’s okay. Can’t we all agree to disagree? Why do we need to come to a consensus on what the entire undergraduate student body thinks of this issue?

Even if USG felt it was necessary to take it upon themselves to represent our view on the war, how do they know what our view is? Unless they went and polled every undergraduate student, how would they know? They don’t know and it’s not fair for them to speak on our behalf.

What is the point of this resolution? Our campus is made up of thousands of individuals who come from many backgrounds and experiences. It is our differences that make college life interesting. Many would even argue that our campus is not diverse enough. So why would we want to lump everyone into one group and say that all the students feel a particular way about the war?

If we declare that, as a whole, the undergraduate students of Bowling Green State University are not in support of this war, then what are those who do support the war supposed to think? They would feel misrepresented and it would seem that someone is speaking for them when they never asked anyone to. It would not be fair.

It would not be right for it to be the other way around, either. How would it make those opposed to the war feel if they were attending a university that was for the war?

Let us just agree that the undergraduate students of the University, like the citizens of our great country, are divided in their opinion of the war. There is no need to speak for all of us. Allow us to have our own, individual stand and just leave it at that.

Let us encourage everyone to speak their minds and voice their concerns, criticisms and support on this topic and all others. Instead of always trying to decide who is right, why don’t we allow everyone to have a different point of view? If we spent more time listening to each other we might actually learn something.

If USG passes a resolution stating that Bowling Green State University is against this war without even consulting the students, not only would it be unfair and unnecessary — it would be undemocratic.