Protesters, this is the truth about the war

I’d like to know in what fantasy world you anti-war protesters are living. Let’s take a walk down Reality Lane for a minute. The reality is inspections don’t work and have never worked. If they did, why is it Iraq has been firing some of those Scud missiles at our troops that they repeatedly said they didn’t have? Wait a sec. Our government might be lying to us about that story. How about this: wasn’t it Iraq that said they would be arming their troops with some of those non-existent chemical munitions? Yep. Inspections work?

Forgive me, I’m missing the point. It’s all about President Bush buying votes with oil, right? Funny how George Bush, Sr. was accused of that yet we still left Iraq and its oil fields. Funny how we haven’t been getting gas for a dollar a gallon at the pump from Kuwaiti oil during the past twelve years. I guess we didn’t steal their oil either. Here’s a thought: maybe the Kuwaiti mission actually had something to do with the fact that Kuwait was invaded and the country’s people were being slaughtered by Saddam Hussein. Nah, Bush, Sr. wouldn’t have had humanitarian motives in mind, would he?

If you want to talk about buying votes with oil, we don’t have to look back too far. Bill Clinton tapped the strategic oil reserves shortly before Al Gore’s face-off with Bush. He said it was to Northeasterners with their heating bills. It had no effect on prices, but people were duped anyway. Or how about when Clinton began firing missiles into Iraq during the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998. Coincidence? Ask former Clinton advisors George Stephanopoulos and Dick Morris; both have come forward and stated that the goal of the bombings was to get the scandal off the front pages. If you think I’m lying, go check –Stephanopoulos’ tell-all book would be a good starting point. And when you see that this is true, just think about all the Iraqis Clinton may have killed for such a self-serving purpose. After all, isn’t that what you anti-war protesters are accusing Bush of doing? If that’s not using oil as a ploy, what is?

And now it’s time to talk about the French. Many war protesters believe the French are opposed to this war because of humanitarian concerns, and therefore, agree with the French. The truth is that the French Government could care less about war casualties. France just doesn’t want us to discover what Iraqi scientists who have defected have claimed for years, which is that France has sold Iraq nuclear materials.

And for those of you who claim, as the Iraqi Government has when the issue periodically arose, that it was so they could build nuclear power plants for their people, wake up! Why would a country with a seemingly endless supply of oil need one of those dangerous nuclear plants?

You anti-war protesters accuse Bush of having petty motives for this war, yet you are so blind to the petty motives of the French. Here’s what I want out of you anti-war protesters: Once the war ends, and we leave Iraq again without stealing their oil, and when we discover even more chemical munitions beyond what has already been discovered, and when we verify the Iraqi-French connection, which we already know exists, I want you all to hold rallies apologizing to Bush, acknowledging that he was right and you were wrong.

Of course, since you’ll never do this, you can just wait for the big “I told you so” as demonstrated by Bush’s re-election in 2004. God bless our troops.