2000 and beyond

How long has Beyond 2000 been in business?

It opened in May 1999, just after my daughter graduated from the University.

What made you want to open an ice cream shoppe in Bowling Green?

In December 1998, my daughter and son-in-law Jeremy had gotten married. I opened the store because he had small pickings in the job department, after finishing three years at Brigham Young University. While he was attending BYU, he worked at Cougar Eats, an ice cream shoppe there. He had a letter of recommendation from the owner there, so I thought, why not open a place that he could run himself.

What is the most popular flavor at Beyond 2000?

Denali’s Moosetracks along with most milkshakes. We can turn any flavor of ice cream into a milkshake.

How do you make the perfect cone?

Jeremy gives the basic training on how to scoop an ice cream cone. I let him do it because he scoops differently than I do. The regular size cone has six ounces of ice cream on it. I scoop three two-once scoops and he scoops two three-ounce scoops. It’s all in the appearance of things.

How was the ’50s concept thought up for the theme of the shoppe?

It was when I grew up. We had a large blank space on the wall when we first opened. A lot of art students came in and asked to paint a mural on the wall. They all had ideas for it, but none suited the shoppe well. We got the drive-in movie mural from an art student of the University named Stephanie Walbolt. Also, I had the booths custom-made. They are replicas of a 1956 Chevy.

Where did the name Beyond 2000 come from?

Well, it was during the time where everyone was talking about the switch to the year 2000. Jeremy came up with the name from the idea of the crashing of computers and things.

How do you feel about Dippin’ Dots? Do you feel that they are the real ice cream of the future?

We’ve tried selling a lot of things that relate to ice cream, but when it comes down to choice, people want the real thing. Superman ice cream- what is flavor is it really?

We use Hershey’s brand ice cream, so their flavor for it is strawberry, blue moon (which is actually a vanilla-tasting ice cream) and banana.

Since you are open year-round, is business affected in the winter?

The only thing that affects business is the cold temperatures. My philosophy is, if you’re cold, you eat ice cream to get the inside as cold as the outside.

You don’t make your own ice cream, so what do you specially make yourself?

We make our own waffle cones. You can come in sometime and we can teach you.