Seniors can give back to University

Miranda Bond and Miranda Bond

Senior students have the chance of leaving their mark on Bowling Green by participating in Give BG.

Give BG is a program that was created by the Office of Development to encourage Seniors to support the University after they have graduated. It provides them with alumni information and ways to become involved in future alumni activities as well as the senior gift.

Each year seniors have the opportunity to donate funds in order to give back to the University through the Senior gift. Gifts in the past have ranged from campus beautification projects to support for program and scholarship.

“The Senior Gift program is a great way to lay the ground work as alumni.” said Amy Davis, the Director of Annual Giving.

While the amount of money contributed by alumni is important, the participation rate is also a factor the University focuses on. Corporate donors look at the contribution rate of alumni to determine the success of the University.

If they find that alumni participation is high, it shows to them that the University is a worthwhile investment. Alumni participation is also a factor in National Collegiate Ratings. Therefore, it is valuable that Seniors donate, regardless of the amount.

This year the money raised through the program will be given to the Alumni Laureate Scholarship, which is a recent addition to the list of scholarships offered by the University.

This year the Office of Development plans to focus on raising the participation rate rather than the amount of money raised.They hope to see a 20 percent participation rate among the Senior class.

Students wishing to contribute to the fund can give in increments of $25, $35, or $50.This can be done with check, credit card, and it is also bursarable.

“I would encourage students to look for information on Give BG if they are not sure of what it is about. Students should try to find out as much as possible about it,” said Carrie Shoup, a Give BG intern.

Seniors have the opportunity to contribute to the Senior Gift from now through graduation. Students who participate will be recognized on an Honor Roll board at graduation.