Area skaters look forward to Hamilton

Eric Hann and Eric Hann

Q: What should people expect to see at the Scott Hamilton Ice Show?

A: K.M; A wide variety of skating talent and age. R.W.: A really great experience for everyone involved.

Q: If you had a chance to talk with Scott Hamilton what would you say?

A: K.M.: I would say I have been a fan for a long time. M.E.: What was one of the hardest times he had in skating, and how he overcame over it. R.W.: He is one of the greatest skaters, and he got me into it. I honor and respect him.

Q: Is it true, that Scott Hamilton’s favorite place to skate is at the Ice Arena in Bowling Green?

A: K.M.: I never heard of that. M.E.: I know he is from Bowling Green and he comes to skate here. R.W.: It wouldn’t surprise me.

Q: How often does Scott Hamilton come to Bowling Green?

A: K.M.: He hasn’t been back since I have been here. M.E.: Once maybe every five to ten years. R.W.:They haven’t given us very much information about that.

Q: What is your favorite thing about ice skating?

A: K.M.: It’s fun and keeps me busy. M.E.: Doing exhibitions and shows because you meet new friends, people seem more relaxed. R.W.:Being able to feel like you are flying. I can’t fly a plane, so I might as well skate.

Q: Do you think many students will come to see the show?

A: K.M.: Some of us have friends coming. M.E.: I wouldn’t be surprised to see students there. R.W.:I hope so, I have many of my friends coming to see the show.

Q: Who is your favorite ice skater of all time?

A: K.M.: Kristi Yamaguchi, she is a role model for young skaters. R.W.: Michelle Kwan, she makes it look so easy and graceful.

Q: Are you nervous about skating on the same night as Scott Hamilton?

A: K.M.: I am excited for the show and to meet him. M.E.: A little bit, probably more towards Saturday I will be. R.W.: A little bit, just because Scott Hamilton will be there.

Q: How have you been preparing for the show?

A: K.M.: We have been practicing sense January, and this past week every night. M.E.: I have three different dresses, and I have been working on my jumps and spins on my own too. R.W.: Practice, telling myself this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Q: Do you remember watching Scott Hamilton skate in the Olympics?

A: K.M.: I don’t. M.E.: No, I’m not sure if I was alive or too young to remember. R.W.: I saw him when I was four-years-old, but don’t remember.