An accepting climate benefits all

The University is making an effort to transform this campus into a more comfortable place for people of all sexual preferences and genders.

Recently students were asked to fill out surveys online. The questions dealt with issues involving sexual orientation and gender identities at Bowling Green State University.

There was then a section specifically for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students to answer. The survey asked these students if they felt safe on campus and if they felt they could freely express themselves.

This is just one way the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Task Force is researching ways to better the climate here.

They will also conduct open forums and small group discussions. The group will then submit a report to University officials detailing what they think should be done to improve the atmosphere.

Everyone will benefit from an open, accepting environment. People will feel comfortable to be themselves and everyone will learn more about others.

There will come a time in your life, if you haven’t already experienced it, when you will have some kind of relationship with a person who is not the conventional, straight male or female.

Now is the time to become open-minded and learn to respect others, even if you do not agree with their life choices. It will make life easier on everyone.

Learning more about gays, lesbians and those that are transgendered will help to break down stereotypes. People won’t hesitate to wear a certain article of clothing or hairstyle for fear of being labeled.

College life is supposed to be about widening your perspectives and becoming a well-rounded adult. Diversity comes in all forms: race, religion, gender, class, etc. Sexual orientation should be no different.

Ignorance is not bliss. Acceptance comes from understanding and understanding comes from education. If everyone can voice their concerns about LGBT issues then the task force can do something about making this campus an even greater learning environment for everyone.

Whether you agree with someone’s lifestyle or not, everyone deserves respect. You don’t have to like how a man lives his life, but you should accept him as a person like any other.

We’re not trying to say that being gay is right or wrong or that it is a choice or not. What we are saying is regardless of a person’s sexual orientation, everyone deserves equal treatment and respect.