Act responsibly during Sibs N Kids

The University will see an increase in the number of children on campus. We are not talking about immature college students. The crowd we are referring to will consist of hundreds children that are a sibling to a University student. They will be in town for the University’s annual Sibs N Kids Weekend.

It is always nice to see college students taking thier younger siblings around the campus. Most of the children look up to their older siblings, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have bothered to make the trip. What you do with your siblings could affect them for the rest their lives.

For most college students, the weekend activities consist of going to the dance clubs, bars or more simply going to a party. One thing that all of these activities has in common is: alcohol.

Students who are having their siblings stay with them for the weekend should take into consideration the age of your sibling when choosing your activities for the weekend. In fact, the University has already done some of that work for you.

The University has activities for you and your siblings to do starting Friday with a movie at the Union movie theatre. Afterwards, head over to the casino nightthat which will be in the Union as well. Then on Saturday you can start off the day with the Sibs N Kids Carnival and then end the night with karaoke in the Union. Kids and Sibs of all ages could enjoy these activities. The problem may arise when the students hosting their sibling doesn’t enjoy the activities.

Some students are so used to going out, they may actually consider taking young children with them to a party. The point of Sibs and Kids Weekend is to spend time with the family members who look up to you the most. Exposing a person to alcohol at such an early age is not healthy for them.

Your siblings look up to you. Most of them would like to do a lot of the same things that you are doing, whether those activities be good or bad. They just want to be like the person with whom they have grown up.

If you do happen to take your younger sibling to a party where alcohol is served, be responsible. Your sibling will be in an unfamiliar environment and may start to feel uncomfortable. That level of discomfort will multiply if you become inebriated and lose control of yourself. Be the responsible adult that your parents assume that you are. If your parents didn’t think you were responsible, they probably wouldn’t have left their younger child with you for the weekend.

So, have fun with your siblings this weekend, but do it responsibly.