Battle of the Sexes

He says V-Day scores points

By David Yoder

Assistant Opinion Editor

Well, I just have to ask: who is excited for Valentine’s Day? I hope there are at least a few people jumping for joy. Valentine’s Day may not seem like an important holiday, but I will let you in on a little secret: guys love it! Here is why.

Most girls love Valentine’s Day. The question of “what are you doing for Valentine’s Day” seems to make its way into every conversation involving more than one girl, regardless if they like the holiday or not. The majority of smiles come across the faces of the girls who have answers like “I am going to dinner with my friend” or “My boyfriend is making me dinner.” People are always happy when they get asked to go out somewhere. It makes them feel important. However, on Valentine’s Day, you might as well just add about 20 romance points to your score guys. It might seem shallow, but nearly anything that you do for a girl on Valentine’s Day will make you seem 20 times sweeter than you really are. So the first step to a successful Valentine’s Day is to ask a girl on a date. This part is pretty straight forward, but remember, it is Valentine’s Day, so your chances of getting a “yes” should be pretty good. Now that you have a date lined up, it is time for presents.

Personally I am not a big fan of presents, both receiving and giving. Still, giving flowers can do wonders for any Valentine’s Day outing. Not too many flowers now. Remember the 20 point bonus because it’s Valentine’s Day. One to three flowers should do the trick, never buy the whole dozen. Try to stay away from roses too. They are expensive and cliché. Go for the carnations, but don’t the baby’s breath. You will spend less and your date will still love them.

Now, where to take her? Make sure it is someplace nice and cheap. I am not talking about Wendy’s in the Union. Super-sizing a drink for the girl is not going to score you any points; in fact you would lose the 20 bonus points. Easy Street Café is the perfect place to eat. There are a few expensive plates, but if you go anywhere with less quality than Easy Street Café then you will probably be eating on campus at the Silver River Café.

In closing, I would like to express the importance of Valentine’s Day. Girls enjoy it so they can brag to their friends if they had a date on the national day of dating and guys love it because it is one of the rare days that you receive bonus points for every little thing you do for your date. So grab a girl, buy some carnations, take her to Easy Street Café and at the end of the night, tally up your points and see how you score.

She says love isn’t just a day

By Rema Ina

Opinion Editor

I have never quite understood it. It doesn’t make much sense. Why do people who already have something great in their lives get their own holiday to celebrate this extra happiness? When you love someone, everyday should be a holiday. You don’t need one day out of the year to express that love. Valentine’s Day, my friends, is quite pointless when you come to think about it.

Valentine’s Day has become more of an obligation than anything else. Guys feel obligated to buy the roses and the chocolates. I would never want a guy to feel that he has to do something for me. There is a line in the movie “Fools Rush In” that states, “Love is a gift, not an obligation.”

It is so sweet when a guy, completely on his own, buys a personal and thoughtful gift for his girl on just a random day. And he does it because he wants to, not because society is telling him he should. He doesn’t even have to buy her a gift. Making something or spending quality time with your main squeeze is just as thoughtful. And just so you know, flowers die and half of those chocolates in the heart shaped boxes aren’t good anyway.

I didn’t want to sound bitter and bring up single people, but I have to dedicate a couple lines to this mostly forgotten group. These are the people who deserve a holiday. Single people should get presents for being strong and independent and for putting up with all the love songs, love movies and couples walking around smiling everywhere. It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it.

Okay, so back to this Valentine’s Day business. Who is Saint Valentine? Is he that little guy with the wings that throws arrows at people? Does anyone know? I don’t. If there was a holiday named after me I sure as hell would want people to know who I was. But we’re America, we twist every holiday around until the real meaning is forgotten.

So bottom line is this: if you love someone, love him/her all year round. Honesty, loyalty, thoughtfulness and caring are more important than romance. Remember that everyday is a holiday when you’re in love. If you forget, ask a single person. They’ll remind you.