Brandon hopeful about new recruits

Football coach Gregg Brandon said that he was pleased with the 23 new recruits the team has signed for next year.

Yesterday was the first official day that high school players could commit to a college.

Brandon said the day had him excited.

“Today, to me, is like game day,” Brandon said. “This is a huge day in the life of a football coach, and you build to this day. When those faxes start rolling in, it’s pretty exciting.”

Brandon was especially pleased that the team was able to get a strong recruiting class, especially considering the change of head coach.

“In a coaching change, it’s difficult to hold on to some kids,” Brandon said. “We were able to put a staff together and get back on the road after the dead period, and sign 23 guys.”

Grading the class between an “A-and a B+,” Brandon talked about the quality of the line players the team recruited. Of the 23, Brandon said that nine were linemen, and of those nine, Cameron Durham, Edmund Massey, and Kevin Huelsman, and Korey Lichtensteiger are from Ohio.

Brandon said that the group of Ohio natives have potential to be strong contributors. “We signed four lineman out of the state of Ohio that I think that all of them are going to be outstanding players,” Brandon said. “All of them play on both sides of the ball, so it gives us some in that regard.”

The other linemen who signed were Jack Battle, Ryan Newble, Drew Nystrom, Devon Parks, and Patrick Watson.

“That was probably the biggest need that was met,” Brandon said. “I’m really pleased with the linemen.”

A recruit that Brandon expects to have an impact right away is Virgil Robinson IV. Robinson, listed as a defensive back/wide receiver, was described as a highly skilled player.

“Virgil’s fast, he has the kind of speed that we’re looking for,” Brandon said. “He’ll be an impact guy right away.”

Robinson joins Jenkins Reese, Deaudre Perry, Loren Hargrove. and Robert Browning as the defensive backs recruited.

Brandon said he was also impressed with wide receiver Jimmy Carson, who comes to the team from John Carroll High School in Florida.

“Jimmy Carson…is a jet, he’s a blur,” Brandon said. “He’s a type of kid like [Robert] Redd who comes in, winks at you and says ‘I want the ball.'”

Other players brought in on offense were running backs Melvin Cole and Dan Macon, wide receiver Gregory Hutcherson, and tight end Sean O’Drobinak.

Brandon also gave credit to the Bowling Green community for helping bring in the recruits, as well as the current players.

“I have to tip my hat to the BG community and supporters, everyone who helped us with recruiting,” Brandon said. “The coaches did a great job…and I can’t say enough about the job our players did in helping us secure this class. They really recruited their tails off.”