Herbs help solve everyday problems

Andrea Wilhelm and Andrea Wilhelm

Herbs, oils and pH balancing were just a few of the topics discussed on Tuesday at the Union-sponsored “How 2” workshop titled “Herbs by Body System.” Nature Sunshine Products herb specialist and certified aromatherapist Katrina Knipe taught the 10 participants how herbs can assist with many problems in each of our body’s systems.

At the workshop, participants broke down each body system into common problems and learned how different herbs and combinations of herbs can assist in building and maintaining health. Participants also learned how to measure the amount of acidity in the body and received free pH strips to test themselves. Participants also received a workbook outlining the body systems and the problems that can occur in each system. Knipe taught the group that many of our problems stem from four major roots, much like a tree. The four branches are: emotional stress, nutritional deficiency, environmental toxins and physical trauma. From these roots, problems branch out. A few examples of problems that can be treated with herbs are: allergies, depression, PMS, high blood pressure, headaches, acne, fatigue and flu.

Class participants looked at the digestive, intestinal, circulatory, urinary, respiratory, glandular, nervous, structural and immune systems and discovered that several problems of each system can be treated with herbs.

For example, when examining the nervous system, there are several common problems associated with the system. Some of these are: headaches, insomnia, nervous system disorders, depression and memory trouble. The workbook suggests making a few lifestyle adjustments, such as eating regular wholesome meals, avoiding smoking, alcohol and stimulants, exercising regularly, managing your stress, and eating lots of green, leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts.

If you are someone who experiences memory loss, difficulty concentrating and absent-mindedness, you can take Ginkgo. If you experience depression, chronic pain, excess appetite and insomnia, taking Chinese Mood Elevator or St. John’s Wort can help.

Katrina Knipe is available for personal consultations. Contact her by e-mail: customer [email protected]; by phone at 419-353-9462, or at her Web site: www.thehealingpath.org.