Quick spring break destinations

Angela L. Gorter and Angela L. Gorter

When you think of where to go for spring break, only two things come to mind, the best and the cheapest. Although unfortunately, you can rarely find the best being the cheapest trip, there are options other than going South.

To put this spending extravaganza into perspective: a trip to the beautiful sandy beaches of Jamaica may cost you anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on whether or not you but a package or plan last minute.

Always remember, the packages may not be the safest, most convenient or the most reliable!

Adding up the five-night hotel stay ($200), the trip towards your destination, by car or plane ($100-$300 round-trip) and the extra cash for beer, clubs and souvenirs ($150) totals close to $600 depending on your personal spending habits.

So, if you are one of those people who are tight with money (that would be me!), then alternative vacation options probably sound good right about now.

Well here you go, a list of the best cheap places to go for spring break. The lodging is practically free, and all you need is your car and money for booze.

Home – when in doubt, pack up your swimsuit, call your old high school buddies and go swimming at the local YMCA. It’s a lot cheaper and Mom will definitely be happy your home. You may even get a $20 bill while your there too. Hey, thanks for the beer money ma!

Windsor/Niagara — For those of us who aren’t exactly legal yet, crossing the border is a practical option. Gambling, hotels that average cost equals to what you would pay down the street and more drinks for your buck. FYI: $20 in American equals about $30 in Canadian.

Myrtle Beach — Ah yes, beaches and babes finally! The trip towards this popular spot is much shorter than to Florida and the dent is your wallet seems smaller when you leave here.

Chicago — No sun, no sand but a lot of clubs and nightlife. Also, it is only a few hours away, saving tons on travel cost. The only worry here is the cover charge, but where is there not any cover charge.

Hilton Head — This is a beautiful spot that most people travel to in the off-season. It’s cheaper than most and has a great atmosphere. Plan on going here for a mellow week.

Pennsylvania – It’s close and has some of the most interesting cities in the country, from Hershey to Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. Just the historic aspect of Philly alone will keep you interested and intrigued.