Primetime phenomenon comes to Bowling Green

An essay contest determined the heterosexual male contestant for the show “Queer Eye for the BG Guy” created by the staff in the Harshman Quad.

The production staff of the filming included,:Ryan Keytack, coordinator; Melissa Quinones, producer and John Hejduk, cameraman. They envisioned the idea of the show to aid in the hall’s student personal development.

Keytack said that the purpose of their venture is in support of “The Laramie Project.” “The Laramie Project is a play; it is not [one] that takes sides. It is a play that shares many responses from the community in Laramie, Wyoming,” he said.

In the Harshman Quads, the staff of “Queer Eye” had a month for preparation of programming for the intent of displaying their affections about “The Laramie Project.” The staff revealed their idea on a prompt posted in the Quads.

The essay was not necessarily about “The Laramie Project,” but it instructed students to write about why they would think they would be good for the show.

“Queer Eye for the BG Guy” was based off of the actual makeover show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

For this project, there were five homosexual males, dubbed the “Fab Five” who took out four heterosexual male essay contest winners.

The “Fab Five” took the four winners out shopping for clothes, changed their hair style and redecorated their rooms.

One of the contest winners, Clayton Moore, said, “I enjoyed what they did to my room and to my appearance. It was fun.” Moore was glad that he was able to take part in the project.

The project “Queer Eye for the BG Guy” debuted in the Harshman Quads on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

There was over 250 students who viewed the film. Ryan Keytack explained, “There is speculation about a project next semester having to do with women.” Hopefully, the speculation will transpire into an actual event.

Presently, the production staff of “Queer Eye” unsure if the film will be shown on campus again. Stay tuned to the calendar of events for further developments.