Ten Shekel Shirt



INO Records

Grade: A

It’s rare when you put a CD in for the first time and just the opening few guitar chords of its first track are inspiring, but Risk is one of them. Ten Shekel Shirt, an independent Christian rock band has put together a solid second album, combining solid guitar playing with passionate lyrics.

Between the CD’s ten tracks, there is a good variety of subject material, tempo, and overall feel. Being a Christian band, God is a theme in most songs, but each song is looking at different aspects of life from a religiously inspired perspective without seeming repetitive at all. While the majority of tracks get their message across at a slower pace, there are some faster songs that can get a listener’s foot tapping.

My only big complaint with the effort is that some songs seem to run out of words quickly. Aside from a few, most sets of lyrics are relatively short. While the songs are just as heartfelt and enjoyable, it seems like a few more words could have been written for some of the songs.

Both those strong in a Christian faith and those who are not can enjoy Risk for its stirring mix of lyrics and guitar melodies. Ten Shekel Shirt is definitely a band to be checked out.

For more information about the band, visit www.tenshekelshirt.com.

– Dan Myers