Triumph the insult dog CD review

Sean Corp

Triumph the Insult Dog

Come Poop with me


If you want a litmus test as to whether or not Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s new CD Come Poop with Me is worth a listen, just check out these names: Adam Sandler, Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, Conan O’Brien, Horatio Sanz, Louis CK, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross.

The package, which consists of both a CD and a bonus DVD has many other special guests as well. You get to see Triumph evicerate Blackwolf the Dragon Master, who was the fish fillet eating wizard of the infamous Triumph Phantom Menace skit. You also get bonus interviews with a drunken and defensive “Dell Guy,” Jared from the Subway ads and Janeane Garofalo among others. The album is very raunchy and makes one wonder what Robert Smigel, the voice behind Triumph, would have done on his short lived variety show “TV Funhouse” if it were shown on HBO.

The CD contains songs about benji being homosexual, the evil that is Bob Barker advocating having your pet spayed or neutered and a very lovely ballad about hardcore dog love called “30 Seconds of Magic” featuring Adam Sandler.

The problem with comedic songs is that they inherently focus more on the comedy than on the songs. This is apparent on Triumph’s debut album with tracks like Underage Bichon and Lick Myself which have a few funny bits but are mostly just plain bad songs.

This is even more apparent when you pop in the bonus DVD because by fair the best segments are the areas that don’t involve music when Triumph is allowed to just make joke after joke about whatever he wants.

But in the end what people really want out of this CD is to laugh and it definitely delivers on that front. It is rare that projects involving this many hilarious people wouldn’t appeal to hardcore comedy fans and Come Poop with Me is no exception. It is a great CD… for me to poop on! You knew that was coming eventually.