413/Geffen Records


What happens when a member leaves a band? He/She joins another band. That’s how the former rock band “Lo Pro” did it. This new project consists of the former Ultraspank’s member Pete Murray (vocals), Neil Godfrey(guitar), ex-Godsmack drummer Tommy Stewart and a bassist named Jon Fahnestock. Geffen Records released their debut album this past August.

Lo-Pro’s self titled debut album has an alternative rock vibe as well as modern rock. This album has melodic rock sounds.

The beginning song is “Fuel” . It starts out with a very short but nice guitar riff and leads into the harmonious sounds of Pete Murray screaming behind the microphone. To tell you the truth, Lo-Pro are more a continuation modern version of the former Ultraspank style. This album is more melodic and more restrain. Lo-Pro writes traditional hard rock songs. The album finishes with a heavy overtune but at the same delivering an affable sound.

-Gabriel Tirado