Studio hosts surrealism

Sea Lion Studio at 182 S. Main is housing the International Surrealist Show that runs through Nov. 29.

Fifteen artists from around the world, ranging from Budapest to New York, are featured and according to Craig Blair, creator of the Surrealist Show, they are showing their work in hopes of getting the word spread about surrealism.

“One of the main goals of Nick Gorant, owner of Sea Lion studios, is to expose the public to a variety of different art forms. The International Surrealist Show fits right into that plan,” Blair said. “Surrealism is not about being weird as most people think. Actually, surrealism is not even an art movement per se, it is an exploration of the inner mind and the attempt to bring what’s lurking in the inner mind to the surface.”

Among the pieces are many different artworks using a variety of different media ranging from canvas paintings to pieces constructed using objects that most people have laying around the house that might not seem to normally go together.

“Many people say they don’t like surrealism because they don’t understand it,” Blair said. “There simply is nothing to understand. There is no symbolism or hidden message in surrealist artwork. It is just images from the artist’s inner mind.”

Each individual piece of artwork is also for sale and prices range from $75 to $2,500. Even if purchasing artwork isn’t on the top of the list, the surrealist shows the creativeness of many different artists from different sides of the world.

“What makes this show special is the international aspect of it. It shows many different styles and approaches to surrealism and how different cultures see it,” Blair said. “There is a variety of different media represented: drawing, painting, collage, installation and also digital which is a new up and coming form.” The International Surrealist Show was put together with the approval of Nick Gorant, on an idea that Blair had discussed with him.

“The actual show itself was my idea,” Blair said. “I have known many surrealists through the Internet for years and we have discussed having a show. I approached Nick Gorant, the owner, with the idea and he liked it and said, ‘Let’s do it.'”

The International Surrealist Show can be seen until Nov. 29 during normal Sea Lion Studio hours from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Saturday.