What is Paragon?

Tracks 1,2,7,8 by Robert Howard and Jacksonite Music

Tracks 5,6,9,11 by Matt Baumann and Rusted Key Music


It’s easy to write about what Paragon is, however it gets a little bit harder to qualify their music into any one category. It’s definately easy listening, but a little jazzy as well. Sort of like rock but with a hint of funk. Maybe I’ll start with the easier question then.

Paragon is a band that consists of Robert Howard, Matt Baumann, Ben Langlois, Jason Gahler, and Matt Schieferstein. The cool part about this band is that they are straight out of BGSU, (with the exception of Ben), and not that long out either. Robert just graduated in May of this year. The members play a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboards, drums, and tenor saxophone and aim to be original. If I were going to classify this band, which I probably should do in a review of them, I’d have to say jazz above all other options. It sounds like some of the more upbeat stuff played in the background of the Weather Channel. Not that it’s bad in any way, just the opposite in fact. Paragon has an excellent sound. It would be terrific background music at any restaraunt or movie theatre while you’re waiting for your movie to start.

The group plays extraordinarily well for just graduating from college. They are definately impressive. Just listening to Matt makes me wish I could play with the sort of tone that he uses on the tenor saxophone. And the improvisation by the entire group is incredible. The CD is just something you have to listen to before you can fully understand it. It is as good as it is hard to explain. But don’t take my word for it, go buy it and see for yourself.

~Nichole Rominski