Lambda Chis resume drive

The local Lambda Chi Alpha chapter, along with 200 other chapters and colonies throughout the United States and Canada, participated in the fraternity’s North American Food Drive on Saturday.

Fraternity members traveled around their respective communities, collecting food and monetary donations from local residents. Including Saturday’s event, over 60,000 pounds of food were raised by the local chapter this year.

“It’s definitely one of the best ones [food drives] we’ve had,” Matt La Riccia, external vice president of Lamdba Chi Alpha, said.

The national total will not be calculated for a few weeks. The national goal for the food drive was 3 million pounds, more than has ever been raised before.

“Last year, fraternity members across the country and Canada raised just over 2.9 million pounds of food,” Eric Richards, director of chapter services, said.

Area residents traditionally have had a positive response to the event.

“People are generous with what they give,” La Riccia said. “They are pretty receptive [to the event].”

Local businesses also helped the fraternity in their collection. Domino’s Pizza, for example, donated bags in which fraternity members put flyers and distributed in the community last month.

Residents put their donations in the bags and left them outside for fraternity members to collect on Saturday.

All proceeds from the local chapter benefited the Bowling Green Food Christian Pantry, reflecting some of the ideas upon which the fraternity was founded.

“The big thing we’re based on is Christian ideals, like giving back to the community,” La Riccia said.

“Lambda Chi Alpha members vow in our membership oaths to lift a hand and contribute to world in which we live,” Richards said. “The North American Food Drive is just one example of our words in action.”

Since its first annual food drive in 1992, Lambda Chi Alpha has raised over 13 million pounds of food for less fortunate people across North America.