The Early November

B and B

The Early November definitely has a good start with “The Room’s Too Cold”. The CD is the band’s first full length CD out on the market and is worth trying out even if it takes you a few listens before you start to like their sound.

The band is made up of Ace Enders on vocals and guitar, Sergio Anello on Vocals and bass, and Jeff Kummer on drums. At age 10 Ace knew he wanted to play in a band and get a record label. He eventually came upon Sergio and Jeff and the band was complete. The group picked the name The Early November because ” At the start of November, the weather still hasn’t decided what it is to do; it can be hot at the beginning of the month, then suddenly turn cold. Early November is the changing of seasons. It is the calm before the storm, a feeling that can be associated with anything in life, particularly relationships, so we felt it would be an appropriate name for our band.” (

Their music covers a variety of tempos and rhythms that makes it enjoyable for many different people with multiple different tastes in music. The first track on the CD is a slightly slower pace but the second track immediately picks up the pace. It’s the sort of thing you’d maybe play in the background while doing some homework to have noise but not necessarily distracting noise.

The lyrics are also well done. The group has a talent for drawing in their audiences with songs about relationships and hardships, and letting them connect to the music.

It may take you a few listens to enjoy the band’s sound but after the second or third time around, you begin to enjoy the beats and Ace’s unique singing voice. All in all, The Early November mixes a mellow punk sound with personal experience to come up with a pretty impressive debut CD.