Coming Out Week is a joke

I’m writing to address a problem that has become very visible.

While walking on campus today, I was disgusted, if not offended, by the “live homosexual acts.” I feel comfortable saying this, as I am an openly gay male.

I beg the members of our campus and our world, do not judge and/or categorize all homosexuals by what you saw on our campus, and by what you will undoubtedly see the rest of “Coming Out Week.”

I can sincerely say I do not understand the significance behind “Coming Out Week.” Is there a “we’re straight” week? Or how about “Live Heterosexual Acts.” How offensive would that be? I can understand celebrating differences, but must these differences be flaunted? Why should someone be proud of being gay? Is someone from “the other side” proud of being straight? I don’t see sexuality as an affair that must be conducted with pride.

Notwithstanding, this doesn’t mean sexuality must be hidden behind an iron curtain; but must it be displayed on a placard and marched around the Education Building?

In conclusion, stop! It’s heinously annoying and to be honest, no one cares. Perhaps they would if you went about it in a mature, civilized way, which appealed to the intellect, but in all honesty, you’re begging to be ridiculed.

Barrett W. Evans