Falcons show good morale at GameDay

Saturday evening our Falcons won one of the most important games in University football history. Congratulations to Coach Brandon, his coaches and staff and a wonderful group of student athletes for a memorable win.

Just as important, though, as the win was the support of our students. It was a tense game; however, the outcome was, of course, fantastic.

After the game, instead of exhibiting actions that might have resulted in injury and destruction, our students celebrated in safe and positive ways.

I attended the BGSU – Northern Illinois game last year in DeKalb and was disturbed at the treatment our fans and players received from some members of that university community. Our students, though, over the last several days have conducted themselves in a fashion that makes all of us proud.

While emotions run high during a game like this, BGSU students showed great sportsmanship and true team spirit. I believe I am speaking for our entire faculty and staff by stating that we are very proud of how students supported the Falcons.

You all represented Bowling Green State University with class!