A dedication to Josh Harris from a BG fan

As a student of the New Riegel High School journalism class I recently attended the BGSU journalism convention. While sitting in the Union I looked over and was very excited to see Josh Harris.

My brother is a junior at BGSU so I follow the sports teams very closely and Josh Harris is one guy I really look up to. I couldn’t believe it; I was standing pretty close to BGSU’s quarterback. I had to get his autograph. Earlier in the day I had picked up a copy of the BG News and it had Josh’s picture in it, so eventually I walked over to Josh while he was eating his breakfast and asked him to sign the picture. He signed it and was real nice to me. I shook his hand and couldn’t wait to tell the girls in my class.

When I told one of the girls, she could tell how excited I was and pulled out her camera. I went back and asked Josh if he would mind if I got a picture of us together. He said he didn’t mind and the photo was taken. I got the photo the other day and every time I look at it, it brings a smile to my face. I just wanted to write a letter letting everyone know how nice of a guy Josh Harris is. Even though he is well known, he is still a class act. In closing, I would like to thank Josh for making my day and wish him luck on the rest of the season!

Kyle Uitto