SICSIC is synonymous with mystery

A wolf, a pig and the look-a-likes of Pavarotti (occasionally George Bush), Whoopi Goldberg and Dr. Evil can be seen running through the crowds at sporting events, leading cheers and rewarding spirited fans with candy and T-shirts. Who are these masked marvels? They are the members of SICSIC, the oldest continually active student group on campus.

SICSIC, the word is familiar to many returning University students, but to some, it may still be a mystery and the word “mystery” is synonymous with SICSIC.

The group consists of six individuals, two from each of the sophomore, junior and senior classes. The tradition has held since 1946 that the identities of these members remain a mystery until the unmasking of the two seniors each spring.

Their purpose is to promote school spirit. Sometimes they get a little wacky, but can you blame them? “They’re supposed to be nuts,” says SISSIC’s faculty adviser, Michael Ginsburg. “They promote school spirit by being as off the wall as possible [without harming anyone].”

We’ve all seen their trademark “SICSIC sez” signs on campus. According to its members, the group spends close to 15 hours each week making signs, posting them around campus and making appearances at campus events.

With the help of former SICSIC member Gary Novontry I was able to set up a secret interview with the group. I’ve got to admit I was a little nervous when I called the phone in their hideout and was told me to meet them in the men’s bathroom of Hannah Hall at 10 p.m. I was greeted with a “SICSIC sez: Hello Megin” sign hanging outside the bathroom door, and I could hear their chuckles and cheery voices echo from inside. What was I thinking? They’re just college students in masks. Their excitement and friendly hugs made me feel at home. On top of this, they gave me candy and a free T-shirt.

And so the questioning began. What does SICSIC stand for? “Suckers Independent College Stupid Illegitimate Children” was the answer I received from the group. OK, so while it was an awkwardly amusing answer, it’s obviously not it. So what does SICSIC really stand for? Shhhh. As in, they’re not telling. So to my expected disappointment, SICSIC didn’t reveal any deep, dark, hidden secrets, but there are a few things they’d like you to know: “We’re sorry for lying to all of our friends,” were the first words out of the pig’s mouth.

I’m sure we can forgive them, if nothing else, we’ve got to give them props that type of lying is a skill. “Everything we do is to try to bring the school together,” said Tyson. “SICSIC is the greatest organization on campus.” they all said in agreement, but most importantly they want to say: “Thanks. Thanks to the fans. We love you.”

Contrary to what some might believe, SICSIC is not just a group of “crazy” college students running around posting signs. “Its so much more than that,” said Gary, “SICSIC has so much to do and so many events to attend they’re expected to be everywhere.” I think we sometimes forget that they are just college students with classes, homework, families and social lives just like the rest of us.

To those of you striving to be the next SICSIC member, or even if you’re just curious, there is a 2.5 GPA requirement. And not just anybody can be in SICSIC. But don’t let that scare you away. SICSIC looks for spontaneity, school spirit, enthusiasm and involvement on campus. SICSIC #3, George Bush/Pavarotti, states, “If SICSIC can’t see you, you can’t be SICSIC.” In other words, make yourself known; let SICSIC know who you are.

Their identities aren’t the only secret. But isn’t it the secrecy that makes them so exciting? They could be your lab partner, your next-door neighbor or even your roommate. Whoever they are, they’re making a difference on our campus and they deserve some recognition. Next time you see SICSIC on campus, say hello, tell them thanks. Show a little BG sprit.