Clothing is the issue for bars not the students

I am writing in response to a letter printed yesterday titled “Dress codes target African Americans”. In Jeremy Dubois article, he stated that certain Bowling Green bars do not allow jewelry, sweat pants, jerseys or wave caps. Mr. Dubois then went on to say that the reason the clubs have these rules is to keep African Americans out. I disagree with Mr. Dubois’ message. On the occasions that I have been to bars when my friend, a white male, was asked to tuck in his necklace. Furthermore, last year a white friend of mine was not allowed to enter a bar because he had a Cleveland Browns jersey on. You see, these rules target anyone regardless of race or gender. Your statements in my opinion were ignorant.

Unless you plan to be Eminem, 50 Cent or some other big name rapper, do you plan on wearing sweat pants and silver chains to your job? Most places of work have dress codes and require you to wear certain attire. Then what will you say, that the employer will not let those articles be worn to prevent African Americans from being hired? These are simply the rules of the bar. Perhaps you may feel you are targeted, but it really isn’t the case. Flashy articles of clothing can often be the cause of controversy.

Anton Hocevar