Box sales should be more timely

What is your favorite brand of clothing? Is it Aeropostale, American Eagle or perhaps J. Crew? Well, if you are paying attention to the Union’s calendar of events, you just might find that your favorite clothing brand is being sold in the Union. Clothing is being sold during one of the University’s box sales that began in October 2002 with the Aeropostale clothing company.

Last week, Aerospostale returned to the University to sell their items. This week, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, L.E.I., Express and an assortment of other clothing companies will be hosting the box sale in the Union.

These sales benefit the students in two ways: designer clothes are being offered to students at a reduced price and a portion of the profits goes to the University and is used to help fund programs and services which include, but are not limited to, the laptop loan program, student employment positions, How 2 workshops and evening entertainment.

According to Manager of Event Services, the Union contracts with each vendor for 5% of gross sales. Individual contract terms may vary. The Union also earns facility rental fees, as well as miscellaneous fees for phone line activation and other services. These fees are standard for all non-University affiliated organizations.

These sales clearly have the purpose of raising funds for certain programs of services. Since students are the primary buyers at these sales and the sales fund services and programs, it is safe to say that students are funding the services and projects.

It is sort of like joining any club in which you have to pay monthly dues. There is always an event that needs funding, so the club holds a fundraiser. Club members are usually the first group of people to be asked for money. This concept is not uncommon and the University both realizes this and embraces it.

However, the fundraisers should be evenly spaced to prevent students from becoming burned out on fundraisers. People need time to recuperate so as not to feel like the organization of which they are a member is asking for too much money.

Some students already spent over $50 at the previous box sales and will not be able to afford to buy anything at the current box sale.

This is not to say that other students couldn’t pick up the slack.

Still, there is the risk that sales may drop due students having already spent too much money at previous sales.

It would benefit the University to more evenly space out the box sales in order to secure a larger student consumer base. Or maybe even advertise the sale off-campus as well.